On December 14, Anhui province road pavement defeats robot detection system technology exchange meeting was held as scheduled in Hefei Huiyuan hotel.

The meeting was hosted by Anhui Highway Society, assisted by the Supervision and Testing Committee of Anhui Highway Society, undertaken by Shanghai Guimu Robot Co., Ltd. and Anhui Luxing Transportation Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. And chaired by Li Huiying, General Manager of Anhui Highway Society. The purpose of the meeting is to broaden the thinking of highway maintenance practitioners, promote the application of new technologies and new products of robot precise detection in Anhui province’s highway field, and promote the improvement of Anhui province’s highway maintenance and detection level.

Guimu Robot Co., Ltd. and nearly 100 industry experts from all levels of traffic and highway management and service units, traffic and transportation bureau, highway administration bureau, highway management units, highway design, inspection and supervision units in Anhui Province jointly discussed the innovative “intelligent” construction of pavement inspection robots, the development trend of in-depth communication technology and the practical landing process in Anhui Province, which injected vitality into the development of highway industry in Anhui Province.

The President of Guimu Company, Shi Fei, introduced to the guests the company’s overall situation, business development strategy, business layout and technical route to meet the future needs of the highway industry. Li Yun, the regional sales manager, gave a comprehensive introduction to the overall application solution, technical principle and application of road disease robots in the road industry, and received detailed inquiries and positive responses from experts attending the meeting.

As the world’s leading provider of intelligent robot detection equipment for transportation infrastructure, Guimu Company is opening up and leading a new intelligent infrastructure industry to the era of artificial intelligence and big data. Guimu Company attaches great importance to the road field and distributes its products in advance. The products have been certified by the National Road and Bridge Engineering Testing Station and passed the authoritative testing by the National Robot Testing and Certification Center. They were selected into the 13“black technologies” in China’s transportation in 2017. At present, robot products in the field of highways have reached mature commercial standards and are widely applied in all provinces of the country, covering all types of highways including expressways.

In the future, highway management will usher in an era of intelligence and data drive. Facing the vast blue sea of the highway industry market, Guimu will provide customers with the best products and solutions and join hands with the industry to create a better future.