At present, unmanned and intelligent detection has become the general trend of the industry
The novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread. In the field of highway construction, maintenance and detection, there is pressure to resume work. The traditional detection methods and the flow control measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic are obvious contradictions.In view of this, unmanned and intelligent monitoring method has become one of the important measures to realize “zero contact” work after the maintenance unit returns to work. As an unmanned, intelligent and efficient carrier, robot has become the only choice for highway management and maintenance units at all levels under the epidemic situation.Bijie Highway Bureau resumed road maintenance work immediately after the resumption policy was issued. From March 18 to March 24, 2020, an orange robot shuttles back and forth on the national highway g326 Xiuhe line in Bijie City, Guizhou Province. This is the first time Bijie Highway Bureau has used the road disease detection robot to detect the surface and internal hidden diseases of highway pavement, and it is also the third time in Guizhou Province that Guimu road disease detection robot has been used for highway detection.


The disease investigation area is mainly located in Weining Yi, Hui and Miao Autonomous County and Jinsha County of Bijie City. There are 16 sections in the detection area, with a total length of 16.3 km and a measurement width of 6.2 m, that is, two-way two lanes, with a total detection area of nearly 110000 square meters. The robot independent inspection method is used to carry out fine and full coverage disease detection on g326 National Road, which will provide a basis for the subsequent preventive and accurate maintenance It provides an important reference.


Bijie City is located in the northwest of Guizhou and the border of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou. The geological environment is fragile and geological disasters occur frequently. The geological disasters in Bijie City are characterized by a large number of potential hazard points, complete disaster types and high frequency. In recent years, due to the influence of extreme weather and surrounding seismic activities, the number of potential hazard points increases, which also puts forward new challenges to the prevention and control of highway disasters.

Combined with the background of unmanned operation demand during the epidemic period, Bijie Highway Bureau inherits the existing experience of Guizhou highway bureau, boldly adopts the robot detection method based on artificial intelligence, and uses scientific and technological innovation to build typical road sections with demonstration function of highway maintenance, so as to effectively improve the highway maintenance capacity, traffic capacity and safety emergency response capacity.


Precise detection, intelligent management and maintenance, and highway maintenance are being redefinedGuimu road detection robot system can be equipped with high-definition vision system to carry out 1 mm resolution independent detection for road cracks and other apparent diseases. At the same time, through full width road scanning, accurate image positioning, full-scale image automatic splicing and segmentation, pixel level geographic location information assignment, road high-definition real scene modeling can be realized. The robot is equipped with ground coupled three-dimensional ground penetrating radar to achieve full coverage and high-density ground penetrating radar data acquisition. It can grasp the hidden engineering problems such as loose subgrade (cavity in serious cases), structural layer cracks, backfill debris, inconsistent number and density of dowel bars or reinforcement. At the same time, it can evaluate the thickness of each point of the whole pavement through full coverage radar data to form a full coverage road The point cloud map of surface layer thickness distribution clearly shows the defects and disease areas in all positions of the pavement, the detection depth can reach within 3 meters underground, and the positioning accuracy of underground disease is 5 cm.


The accurate detection based on robot technology effectively makes up for the shortcomings of manual detection means and traditional extensive general detection, and will become one of the new development directions of highway maintenance technology.

Guizhou has become a pioneer of highway intelligent management and maintenance

Guimu road disease detection robot, as a new detection method initiated in the world, is gaining more and more favor of local highway management units. Only in 2019, we will launch application services in Guizhou, Sichuan, Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei, Hainan and other provinces. Among them, Guizhou Province, as a major province of highway infrastructure, adheres to the attitude of absolute openness to scientific and technological innovation, and is in the forefront of the national highway intelligent management and maintenance field.

Only in 2019, Guizhou Province has completed the inspection of tianjiawan tunnel of Zunyi Highway Bureau, Meitan Yuqing section of G243 and Zhenning section of S314 of Anshun Highway Bureau. By means of robot, we have completed the tasks of layer by layer thickness evaluation of new road structure, digital modeling of road underground pipelines, fine investigation of diseases in key road sections, special investigation of maintenance, periodic monitoring of preventive maintenance, investigation of road safety hazards, etc., which has also laid a solid foundation for the realization of digital management and centralized control of road life cycle in the whole province in the future.

Pavement Inspection of Meitan Yuqing section of G243 in Zunyi

Pavement Inspection of tianjiawan tunnel in Zunyi

Detection of S314 Zhenning section in Anshun, Guizhou

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