Macao airport, here we are!

COVID-19 has affected global economic growth, but it has not stopped the globalization of Guimu. On January 18, 2021, along with an orange red robot slowly walking up to the B1 stand of the South apron of Macao airport, the first full coverage disease detection work order was carried out independently. The pavement disease detection project of the South apron of Macao airport, which was constructed by CCCC third Aeronautical Research Institute Macau Co., Ltd. and implemented by Guimu robot, was officially launched. This is the first project for Guimu robot to cross the mainland and connect with the world, which will effectively promote the development process of the company’s overseas market and plan a new strategic pattern with a broader vision.

Macau International Airport, founded in 1989, is one of the largest projects in Asia in the 1990s. It is the only fully reclaimed airport and the first man-made island airport in China. To build an artificial island and a large international airport in the vast sea is a huge project with extremely high technical difficulty. In addition to the annual passenger throughput of nearly 10 million, the health detection and comprehensive disease investigation of the airfield pavement are particularly critical for the safe operation and maintenance of Macao airport.

In this context, Guimu robot is invited by the Macao Civil Engineering Laboratory, the authoritative quality testing unit in Macao, to visit Macao airport with the airport pavement health robot automatic detection system, and has carried out fine and automatic detection on the key sections of the airport apron. Make full use of technical advantages to enable the safe operation and maintenance, accurate management and maintenance, and digital construction of Macao airport. The comprehensive, accurate and efficient system characteristics embodied in the testing process are highly recognized by Macao airport and Macao Civil Engineering Laboratory.


Guimu airport pavement health robot automatic detection system @ Macau Airport

Guimu airport pavement health robot automatic detection system @ Macau Airport

Macao Civil Engineering Laboratory District President Bingguang and his party visit the site

So far, Guimu robot has taken the first step in the process of international market. At the same time, Germany’s Munich Airport and Frankfurt Airport are also actively inviting cooperation. Guimu robot will also actively respond to the needs of overseas markets, adjust measures to local conditions, based on the different expectations of global airport customers, and constantly explore airport digital solutions for different scenarios such as precise maintenance, life cycle management, and pavement digital twin construction, so as to make a strong support for improving the safety and risk control system of global airports and accelerating the intelligent and digital management of global airport industry Hold.

Innovation, openness, collaboration and sharing are the inherent genes of Guimu people, and the mission of Guimu robot as a typical Chinese intelligent manufacturing enterprise. In the future, Guimu will continue to maintain the courage and mind of self innovation, open and win-win attitude, dare to jump out of the internal driving force of cultural and geographical restrictions, actively deploy international development strategies, deeply participate in the process of globalization, and empower global industry partners.