2019 is the first year of Guimu’s start overseas business. Since its first overseas appearance at the Singapore International Intelligent Transportation Conference in October, Guimu has launched an international strategy, steadily laid out the international market, and won the attention of all parties in overseas industries with outstanding product performance. Recently, the  WORLD HIGHWAYS, an authoritative magazine of the global highway industry, has taken the initiative to pay attention to Guimu and report on the whole page.

World Highways magazine, founded in 1991 in UK, is the most professional publication in the field of road construction and maintenance construction machinery and general equipment in the world, and it is also the periodical media with the largest subscription and printing circulation in all international road construction journals.

At present, Guimu has joint R&D laboratories in the United States and Germany, and representative offices in Finland, Singapore, Spain and Taiwan, China. The products have begun to enter the European and Southeast Asian markets, and continue to reap the positive attention and business docking of prospective customers and partners in various countries, and steadily expand overseas territory to the extension. Facing the distance, step by step, deeply practice the enterprise vision of “becoming a respected world-class enterprise”.