Recently, the 26th ITS World Congress 2019 with the theme of “Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities” kicked off at Singapore’s Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Center. As an industry-leading provider of intelligent construction and maintenance robot solutions for transportation infrastructure, Guimu Robot also showed the latest generation of pavement inspection robot products and their research and development and application results in the field of intelligent transportation at this exhibition, attracting extensive attention from participants around the world.

The exhibition attracted more than 300 exhibitors from more than 60 countries around the world, including Guimu, with more than 10,000 participants, covering 20 technical fields. Among them, Guimu, as the world’s first provider of intelligent construction and maintenance robot solutions for transportation infrastructure, has a leading voice in intelligent transportation enabled by artificial intelligence. During the landing process of artificial intelligence technology in airport runway/taxiway, expressway, municipal highway and other transportation fields, Guimu has introduced a new generation of pavement health robot detection system solution, The self-developed AI recognition and sensing technology is used to empower 3D panoramic cameras, ground penetrating radars and other detection terminals, Assist the construction and maintenance management department of transportation infrastructure, establish a road life cycle management and maintenance system with data as the core, and promote the improvement of pavement safety detection from static detection to dynamic early warning through cloud intelligence, so as to create greater value for social infrastructure with intelligence.

Guimu insists on product innovation to solve the pain points for industry customers and bring value delivery. In the aspect of artificial intelligence enabling intelligent airports, Guimu Releases World’s First Airport Pavement Health Robot Detection System Solution, Based on core technologies such as in-depth learning and reinforcement learning, knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer, 2D and 3D real-life modeling of pavement diseases for airport runways, taxiways and aprons is provided, and thermal maps and statistical tables of airport pavement diseases are established to realize classified display and management of disease location, depth and type, comparative analysis of disease historical data, and management and maintenance of pavement diseases in the whole life cycle and evaluation of safe airworthiness status.

At the exhibition, Guimu showed a new generation of full simulation models of Type I and Type II pavement health detection robot systems. Through video and vivid pictures and texts, the business scenes of the robot system in many industry fields, such as periodic inspection, accurate detection, full coverage detection, intelligent data splicing, analysis and diagnosis, 3D visual presentation, etc., as well as the large-scale market application in various regions, were restored on site.

A large number of industry audiences from home and abroad visited the Guimu booth, visited the demonstration and operation process of Guimu robot products, and expressed surprise and admiration at the technological progress and application landing degree that China’s artificial intelligence enterprises have made in intelligent transportation.

Guimu’s Exhibition Team-The Most Brilliant “Orange Legion” at the Exhibition

Liu Wenjie, Secretary General of China Highway Society, and Wang Dapeng, Director of the Operation Center of the World Transport Congress, visited the booth to guide them.

Guimu has received extensive attention from visitors from all over the world.

At present, the rapid development of artificial intelligence makes its application in smart cities, smart transportation, smart infrastructure and other aspects more and more in-depth. Conforming to the wave of globalization of science and technology and innovation, focusing on the development of globalized markets and helping countries around the world to build “brains” for the management and maintenance of urban infrastructure has also become an important direction of technology application and commercial development for Guimu. Singapore ITS World Conference is a wonderful beginning for Guimu to “go to sea” and will lay a solid foundation for expanding the global business landscape in the future.

Guimu is constantly using innovative technologies to help solve the demands in the management of urban infrastructure. In the future, Guimu will continue to strengthen its investment in technology and persist in creating greater value for users and society with extraordinary technologies.