On October 18, Anshun Highway Administration conducted a newly introduced Guimu robot system equipment test to detect road diseases in section K2+200 of S314 town water line managed by Zhenning Highway Administration Section and achieved success. According to the on-site inspection, various indexes of the equipment show that they have reached the expected requirements and have good application and popularization prospects.

Guimu robot system is the world’s first road disease detection system, with completely independent intellectual property rights. The system can detect apparent and structural hidden diseases of roads. Autonomous data acquisition is realized through a robot camera and radar waves, and roads are scanned in full coverage. The detection depth can reach within 3 meters underground, and the disease positioning accuracy is 5 centimeters, which is equivalent to performing a CT scan on the roads. The system can visually reflect the overall situation of road diseases through 3D data real scene modeling, and know the location, depth, type and area of the diseases, providing accurate data support for the management and maintenance unit, thus achieving scientific decision-making and accurate maintenance!

Compared with the traditional pavement detection mode, the detection robot system can realize the detection efficiency of 10,000 square meters per hour and provide centimeter-level high-density detection. Meanwhile, through deep learning and big data technology, it can autonomously analyze and deeply mine massive data, which is the typical epitome of the application of artificial intelligence technology in highway management and maintenance and the general trend of industry development.

Reporters saw at the scene that after the staff set up the program, the robot began to automatically detect, calibrate, collect and upload data according to the set route. On the control vehicle not far from it, technicians are observing the conclusions of various road disease data automatically analyzed and processed by the background algorithm. Through the platform of the vehicle-mounted “Guimu Robot Pavement Health Data Management System”, the computer screen synchronously displays the three-dimensional image of the detected road section, and the name, location, type and level of the disease are clear at a glance.

Song Bo, acting deputy section chief of Zhenning Highway Management Section, said: “This Guimu robot, like a small tank, can reflect highway diseases 3 meters underground with radar waves that people cannot see, thus eliminating some human factors during road inspection in the past, and enabling the highway department to achieve’ medicine to cure diseases’ accurately.”

In recent years, Anshun Highway Administration has bravely practiced and continuously strengthened the popularization and application of the “four new” technologies. This time, Guimu robot detection technology was introduced into the highway maintenance and repair project, once again taking the lead in building intelligent transportation and finding new technological applications for scientific management and maintenance.( (Editor: Wang Yuanfeng, Anshun Highway Administration Office)