Reviewed by authoritative international IT management professional magazine “CIO Advisor”, ” 10 APAC Robotic Solution Providers” was officially released, as infrastructure intelligent maintenance robot solutions provider, Guimu Robot topped the Advisor CIO magazine ” 2019 Top 10 APAC Robotic Solution Providers)” list.

Guimu Robot has developed airport pavement detection robot, road disease detection robot, municipal road and pipeline underground disease detection robot, which series of products are the world’s first products. They are mainly used for intelligent detection of airport, highway and municipal road. Currently, it has completed a series of demonstration applications in expressway, municipal road and airport road. Meanwhile, for subdivided fields, Guimu Robot has developed  unmanned aerial vehicle intelligent inspection system for expressway, unmanned vessel intelligent inspection system for sewage pipe and underwater intelligent inspection robot system, which have obtained corresponding contracts and orders. The company’s stock products include track facility detection robot, road crack repair robot, cable-stayed bridge appearance defect detection robot, wall climbing robot, etc. Airport pavement detection robot was selected into 2017 China Transportation 13 Loogoos and Airport New Technology Directory Guide of Civil Aviation Administration (2018-2020).

Dedicated to the in-depth application of robot, artificial intelligence, big data in technology in major infrastructure maintenance industry, Guimu Robot is the world’s first high-tech enterprise which is able to provide robot three-dimensional maintenance products and services in land, air, underwater for road and other major infrastructure, leading the revolution of major infrastructure from traditional maintenance and care mode primarily by man to intelligent prescient precise maintenance and care mode, ensuring safe and efficient operation of major infrastructure, and is expected to develop global trillion-dollar major infrastructure intelligent maintenance in emerging markets.