In order to continue the good momentum of the National Day guarantee of the flight management department and take advantage of the situation, Shuangliu Airport will be assisted to achieve the target of 60 million passengers in 2020. With the strong support of the relevant departments of the group company and the joint stock company, and combined with the modular closure scheme, the flight management department carefully planned, fully prepared and finely implemented, and completed the construction of a taxiway precise chemical grouting engineering test section in the early morning of October 9. Since then, the first shot in the battle for comprehensive treatment of road surface defeats at Shuangliu Airport has been officially launched.

The Guimu robot is used to detect the current situation of pavement defeats, and the organization plan and construction plan are reviewed several times according to the requirements of non-stop construction. The “non-stop construction risk source library” is used to sort out 13 construction risk sources and formulate 13 control measures. Improve efficiency and catch up on progress. Two sets of equipment and personnel reserves can be constructed simultaneously. At the same time, considering the number of flights in winter, the flight management department has begun to carry out feasibility study of daytime construction. This month, the A-slide board replacement project, the west runway fog seal project and the E-slide settlement regulation will be implemented one after the other. The general party branch of the Flight Management Department will continue to implement the overall requirement of the theme education activity “to observe the initial mission, to find the gap and to grasp the implementation” into various key tasks, and strive to complete the comprehensive regulation of Shuangliu Airport’s pavement by 2020, consolidate the foundation of pavement safety and promote the high-quality development of the airport.