On the morning of May 14, the national key R & D plan “intelligent robot” key special project “airport runway pavement safety inspection robot” project initiation and implementation scheme review meeting led by Chengdu Guimu robot Co., Ltd. was held in Chengdu, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and other places in the form of network conference.

More than 50 representatives from the Ministry of science and technology, the overall expert group of key special projects, the project technical expert group, the leading unit, the participating unit and the project leader attended the meeting. The kick-off meeting of the project was presided over by Gui Zhongcheng, chairman of Chengdu Guimu robot Co., Ltd. and delivered speeches by Professor Zhao Jie, director of the high tech research and development center of the Ministry of science and technology, researcher Liu Jinchang and leader of the overall expert group of key projects. The evaluation stage of the implementation plan was presided over by Academician Wang fuming, leader of the technical expert group, and the project leader Professor Liu Jingtai reported the project implementation plan in detail.

Professor Zhao Jie, director of the high tech research and development center of the Ministry of science and technology, researcher Liu Jinchang, and leader of the overall expert group of key projects, made speeches successively, calling for giving full play to the role of “two groups and one committee” of the project, attaching importance to project management, practicing the national policy of scientific research integrity construction, and ensuring the smooth implementation of the project. At the same time, he hoped that the project team would enhance its responsibility for the national key R & D projects Sense of mission and sense of mission, strive to create an excellent team.

“Airport runway pavement safety inspection robot” project was established in December 2019, with a total budget of 2885.00 million yuan The participants include Nankai University, Tongji University, Civil Aviation University of China, the second Research Institute of CAAC, Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd., Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Tongke Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. Focusing on the major requirements of airport runway operation safety detection, airworthiness assessment and pavement life evolution law, the project develops a multi robot cooperative operation system with ground air integration, module switching, cloud intelligence, which is suitable for Airport Pavement Inspection and regular inspection, so as to realize the improvement of pavement safety detection from static detection to dynamic early warning, and carry out engineering and demonstration in capital airport and other airports Promote the product and application standards related to construction projects.

Before the project was approved by the Ministry of science and technology, Guimu has formed a solid foundation for R & D. It has successively completed tackling key technologies such as robot omni-directional mobile platform, multi degree of freedom operating mechanism, high-precision autonomous navigation, robot coordinated control, high-precision integrated nondestructive testing, robot visual motion coordinated control, and has applied for 185 patents, including 9 invention patents There are 4 patents, 65 patents in total, including 2 international patents in Germany and Australia. The first generation of airport pavement inspection robot has been developed in the world. The product has been included in the new airport technology directory guide of CAAC (2018-2020) and has been supported by key projects of civil aviation safety capability construction fund. The core technology has been supported by key R & D projects in Sichuan Province and financial support funds for cultural and creative industry development in Shanghai The evaluation of the information office has reached the “international advanced level”. The first generation products have completed typical demonstration in airport, highway, municipal and other industries, and gradually entered the engineering application stage. They have been demonstrated in more than 50 domestic airports, and obtained engineering application in nearly 30 airports and nearly 20 highway projects. They have simultaneously developed overseas markets, and obtained demonstration projects in China’s Macao airport, Germany’s Munich Airport and Frankfurt Airport invitation;

As a young rising star in the national team, Guimu is inseparable from the guidance and support given by the state to AI start-ups, and also benefits from the feelings and Strategies of the enterprises themselves. At the beginning of the enterprise, Guimu broke the traditional situation of infrastructure construction, management and maintenance. It was not so much a kind of courage as a sense of responsibility that gave it a greater strategic pattern.

The sense of responsibility is the power source of Guimu R & D team’s solid breakthrough. The sense of responsibility also opens up unlimited possibilities for Guimu’s industrialization. In less than half a year since the Ministry of science and technology’s project was approved, the compact development of industrialization and the high potential energy of core technology are forming a positive feedback. Starting from the needs of the industry, it is necessary to promote the development of artificial intelligence basic technology Civil aviation field has been verified and reflected.

In the future, Guimu will shoulder the national flag, spare no effort to carry out R & D investment, coordinate the implementation of standard system construction, technology verification platform and system construction and typical application demonstration, and accelerate the rapid development of China’s intelligent robot technology and industry.